Vanish Leader Material Fluorocarbon Wrist Line Spool - 30 Yards, 0.036" Diameter, 80 lb Breaking Strength, Clear

by Berkley
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Manufacture ID: 1097124

Easy casting Berkley Vanish has become the top-selling 100% fluorocarbon line in the U.S. and Canada. We have been continuously improving the Vanish formula since it was introduced over 15 years ago. Great value, great performance.


- The easy handling 100% fluorocarbon leader material
- Best Vanish formula ever
- Remains clear underwater 100% fluorocarbon refracts light similar to water
- Superior Wet Strength non-absorbing fluorocarbon maintains strength and abrasion resistance underwater
- Improved flexibility other fluorocarbons are stiff, Vanish is more flexible


- Length: 30 Yards
- Diameter: 0.036"
- Breaking Strength: 80 lbs
- Color: Clear
- Packaging: Leader Wrist Spool

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