9� Puck Transducer

by Vexilar Inc.
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9e Puck Transducer
Manufacture ID: TB0027

Puck style transducers are the most versatile of all. They are designed for several applications. If you want to attach the transducer to an electric trolling motor, this would be the one to choose. It has a curved top to fit the motor's lower unit and slots for a strap to go through and around the motor.

If you want to glass, or glue, the transducer into the hull of a fiberglass boat, the puck would also be best because of it's small size. The puck can also be used for portable applications, such as, suction cup mounting and ice fishing.


- 25 Foot Cable
- Includes trolling motor strap and A.C.E. adhesive for in-hull installations.


- Quality Barium Titanate crystal
- Earth-grounded cable construction

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