Accudepth Plus-B Line Counter Reel - Walleye Special w-Dual Paddle Handle, Medium-Heavy

by Daiwa

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Manufacture ID: ADP17LCB

Whether you're fishing with flat lines, diving planers, or lead-core line, count on these rugged, reliable reels to find the strike zone time and time again. They measure line out in feet, allowing for easy and accurate setting of trolling patterns. These reels will perform flawlessly when you hook up. Each model boasts a strong yet lightweight graphite composite frame, machine-cut bronze gears, a forged aluminum spool, and smooth dependable Teflon-impregnated felt drag washers. Accudepth Plus reels make locating and landing fish easier than ever.


- Direct-drive counter measures in feet
- One-piece composite frame
- Machine-cut brass gears
- Auto-engage clutch
- Ball bearing drive
- Smooth, Teflon impregnated felt drag
- Spool click


- Action FW/SW: MH L
- Gear Ratio: 5.1:1
- Bearings: 1BB
- Line Per Crank: 24.8"
- Line Capacity (lb test/yds.): 10/290, 12/250, 14/200
- Max Drag: 8.5
- Weight: 12.7 oz
- Handle: Dual Paddled Handle

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