Action Cam Value Pack XTC200-300

by Midland Radios
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Action Cam Value Pack XTC200/300
Manufacture ID: XTAVP-1

XTC Accessory Value Pack 1

XTA101 - Windshield Suction Cup Mount
- Allows you to turn, tilt and rotate your Extreme Action Camera 360 degrees
- Windshield Suction Cup Mount
- Mounts to any windshield or smooth, flat non-porous surface
XTA102 - Handlebar Mount
- Allows you to attach your camera to your bike, atv or deer stand.
- Mounts to any handlebar
USB Cable
- Allows you to charge your camera and transfer videos to your computer
Compatible with XTC100, XTC150, XTC200, XTC205, XTC260, XTC280, XTC285, XTC300, XTC310, and XTC350 cameras

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