Adjustable Hiking-Skiing Pole - Rockhopper 3 Single

by Chinook

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Adjustable Hiking/Skiing Pole - Rockhopper 3 Single
Manufacture ID: 51019

Chinook Adjustable Hiking Poles will make you believe that two legs are good, three legs are better and four legs are the best on the trails. The outstanding craftsmanship of these strong and lightweight poles will make any hike easier for both novice and experienced hikers.


- Strong and lightweight anodized aluminum pole
- Three-section adjustable pole
- Comfortable hand grip with web strap
- Carbide tip for use on rocky or icy surfaces
- One set of hiking baskets and one set of snow baskets
- Chinook anti-shock spring system that can help reduce stress and strain on lower back and knees during long and short treks

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