Humminbird AS 360 TM - Ultrex

by Humminbird
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AS 360 TM - Ultrex
Manufacture ID: 409350-1

If the front of your boat is your prime fishing turf, mount up. The Ultrex 360 Bow-Mount gives you a 360-degree, detail-rich view of the water-with you standing literally in the middle of your sonar return as you troll. So you'll be at the center of the action without becoming the center of attention.


- Ultrex Bow-Mount 360 Imaging with 8' power cable and ethernet cable attached
- 20' Ethernet Cable
- 3' power cable adapter for quick disconnect
- Easy to remove mounting bracket
- GPS Receiver with Heading Sensor


- Bow Assembly Length: 39"
- Weight: 7 lbs.
- Mounting Bracket: Anodized Aluminum
- For use only on Minn Kota's Ultrex Trolling Motor

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