Battery Stick - SL20XP LED-UltraStinger-NiMH

by Streamlight
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Battery Stick - SL20XP LED/UltraStinger/NiMH
Manufacture ID: 77375

The Streamlight Replacement NiMH Battery Stick For SL Series, Ultra Stinger and Super Stinger Flashlights has been designed to provide you with an easy way to have emergency batteries for your Streamlight Handheld Flashlight. Made with a hydrogen absorbing alloy this Streamlight Battery will hold a charge longer than inferior batteries.


- Easy to operate
- Durable materials
- Powerful power source


- For: SL-20XP-LED, SL-20L, SL-20LP Ultra Stinger, Super Stinger
- Type: Replacement Battery
- Material: NiMH

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