Clipmate Flashlights - USB w-120V AC, Black, White & Red LED

by Streamlight
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Clipmate Flashlights - USB w/120V AC, Black, White & Red LED
Manufacture ID: 61126

Streamlight Clipmate Flashlights USB w/120V AC, Black, White & Red LED

A multi-function, USB rechargeable clip-on light that grabs onto pockets or hats for
hands-free use. No need to worry about finding a cord to charge it, as it features a
built-in USB charge tab.


- Features a white C4 LED and a 620-639nm red LED
- Multiple modes:
- C4 LED for white light:
*White C4 LED High: 70 lumens 500 candela runs 3.5 hours
*White C4 LED Low: 10 lumens 50 candela runs 24 hours
- Red LED preserves night vision:
*Red LED High:0 .5 lumens 9 candela runs 16 hours
*White C4 LED Low: 0.2 lumens 3 candela runs 65 hours
- Lithium ion battery fully recharges in-product in 4 hours rechargeable up to 300 times
- Charge indication LED: LED steady red charging LED blinking red charged
- IPX4 water-resistant 1 meter impact resistance tested
- Remove the tethered USB cover to expose the charge tab for charging via USB source or AC wall adapter.
- Polymer housing makes the light extremely durable, abrasion resistant and light weight.
- Push button switch cycles through low, high and off turn light on then press and hold the button to change from white LED to red LED


- Length: 3.2 in. (81 mm)
- Weight: 1.9 oz (53.8 grams) with battery

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