Humminbird Contour Elite - Southeast States

by Humminbird
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Contour Elite - Southeast States
Manufacture ID: 600024-4

Bring trip planning into the information age with Contour ERlite. This unique software lets you access high definition Hummingbird Lakle Master lake data on your PC. Advanced features combine with a user friendly interface to search for fishing locations by fish spiecies, key fishing structures, or design a custom search. Whether' it's a fishing report, a friendly recommendation or your own experience, Contour Elite lets you quickly turn information into results.


- Last Master high definition lakes only
- Import/Export waypoints and search results to/from all major brands of GPS devices and detailed waypoint log
- Search for specific spices based on season, time of day, water condition, cloud cover, and wind
- Search depth, slope, structure, sun, and current exposure aspect, distance to key features and more

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