Coleman Cooler 12 Can Chiller Red w-Ice Sub

by Coleman
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Cooler 12 Can Chiller Red w/Ice Sub
Manufacture ID: 2000013694

Easily tote and chill an entire 12-pack of cans inside the slim, compact Coleman Carry Chiller with Ice Sub Cooler. The sculpted beverage cooler includes a specially designed core that keeps your drinks cold. This beverage cooler is sure to make a handy addition to a set of outdoor essentials. The stackable design holds up to a dozen 12-ounce sodas or six 12-ounce glass bottles. Bring this item on your next picnic, camping trip or hike for a portable, convenient way to ensure access to cold, refreshing beverages.


- Holds an entire 12-pack of soda
- Slim, compact chiller
- Specially designed ice substitute core
- Stackable design
- Coleman cooler is a handy addition to a collection of outdoor tools
- Portable, convenient way to keep beverages cold

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