Dessert Dish - Chocolate Dairy Delight, 6 Servings

by Wise Foods

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Dessert Dish - Chocolate Dairy Delight, 6 Servings
Manufacture ID: 2W02- 815

Want something to drink besides water? Wise Foods presents you with an Instant Low-Fat Milk Alternative - Chocolate Dairy Delight. It's ready in minutes! It's heavy duty Mylar pouch provides for Long Term Food Storage (up to 25 Years)! It's Emergency Recommended! Each package provides for 6 servings - great for your next camping, backpacking, hunting and fishing trip - not just emergency preparedness.


- 6 Servings per Package
- Sealed in a Mylar Pouch
- Gourmet Taste
- Long Shelf Life (Sealed in Mylar Bags)
- Premium Quality
- Quick and Easy Snack
- Just add Water/Ready in Minutes

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