Dual Flash

by Cuddeback

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Manufacture ID: G-5017

Cuddeback Dual Flash features Cuddeback's patented dual flash technology which has 850nm IR LEDs and 940nm IR LEDs in one camera. 850nm has more range and better quality but the LEDs do emit a bit of visible light. 940nm is completely invisible but has reduced illumination range and image quality.

Power House Flash modules feature 56 LEDs for the ultimate performance. Available with 850nm and 940nm LEDs.

Double Barrel Flash features two xenon strobes in one. Program camera to trigger both for maximum range, or trigger one at a time for faster recovery.


- Zone Control
- Day/Night settings
- Time lapse mode
- Surveillance mode


- Compatible with CuddeLink Cap and CuddeCell Cap
- Megapixels: 20
- Trigger Speed: 1/4 second
- LEDs: 28 940nm & 28 850nm
- Flash Type: Low Glow & No Glow IR
- Flash Range: 50' to 100'
- Battery: 4 x D

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