Entr¿e Dish - Creamy Pasta and Vegetables with Chicken

by Wise Foods

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Entree Dish - Creamy Pasta and Vegetables with Chicken
Manufacture ID: 03-906

Wise ready-made entrees are easy to prepare and you will enjoy a nutritious, great tasting meal. The Wise outdoor line is even easier. Simply add hot water directly into the durable Mylar pouch, stir, and reseal the Ziploc strip at the top of the package. In 12 minutes you will have a delicious, hearty, outdoor meal.

Prepared in minutes by just adding water, they become the perfect outdoor meal for camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, boating and RV traveling. They are also good for 72 hour emergency kits and for everyday use.


- Easy to prepare
- Delicious, nutritious and lightweight
- Great for hunting, camping, backpacking and fishing
- Ideal for emergency and survival kits


- Creamy Pasta and Vegetables with Chicken
- Quantity: One Pouch
- Servings: (2) 10 oz. Servings

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