Eveready Gold C Batteries - Per 2

by Energizer
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Manufacture ID: A93BP-2

Energizer Eveready Gold Alkaline C Batteries designed to deliver superior run time for high-tech devices like digital cameras, flashlights, trail cameras, MP3 players, digital camera binoculars and electronic toys image. Eveready Gold Alkaline Batteries from Energizer provide an economical power source for electronic products. Energizer Alkaline Eveready Gold C Batteries are long lasting batteries that go on for long periods of time when used in power hungry electronic devices. Energizer Eveready Batteries are more compact that most other alkaline batteries. Energizer is also environmentally friendly in their C batteries, Energizer C Eveready Batteries use no mercury that makes them environmentally conscious and they can be disposed of with regular household trash.


- Battery size: C alkaline
- Volts: 1.5
- Long-lasting, dependable power for your everyday devices
- No added mercury or cadmium

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