Filter - 2 Liter

by Sawyer Products
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Manufacture ID: SP162

One of Sawyer's time-tested favorites, the Sawyer 2 Liter water filter system will simplify your backcountry to-do list. Simply set it up, and let gravity do the dirty work. No tedious pumping, just set it and forget it. In the time it takes you to turn around and unload your pack, you'll have clean, fresh water waiting.


- Removes particles, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.1 micron in size, including giardia, salmonella, and cryptosporidia
- The Complete system includes a faucet adapter for an even more thorough backwash when you get back home to your faucet
- But just in case you never go back home, the included Sawyer filter is fully field maintainable to ensure flow of water
- Setup is simple and the system packs easily, with a packable weight at just 12 oz.


- 2 Liter Gray Reservoir Marked DIRTY
- 2 Liter Blue Reservoir Marked CLEAN
- Sawyer PointONE Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter
- Faucet Adapter
- Drink Tube
- Quick-Release Hose Adapter
- Instructions for use

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