FlexWare - Sweep Set

by Ultimate Survival Technologies
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Manufacture ID: 20-12235

The Ultimate Survival Technologies FlexWare Sweep Set is the perfect combination of a dustpan and a mini brush that works as a broom. The brush and dustpan are simply designed and compact enough to take with you on any camping adventure. The handle of the brush clicks into the dustpan so it will stay securely in place and will always be available at your convenience. The included dustpan lays flat when you are not using it - so it takes up less space and is easier to put into storage. When you need to use it just fold up the sides and clean up your mess. Perfect for camping, boating, hiking, and more the UST FlexWare Sweep Set is the best brush and dustpan combination you could buy!


- Brush clicks securely into the dust pan
- Dust Pan lays flat for easy transportation


- Color: Orange
- Packaging: Tie Card

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