FLX-20 - 9 High Speed, Three-Color Flasher-Fish-Finder

by Vexilar Inc.

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Manufacture ID: FMX2030

Vexilar FLX-20 is a versatility is the key to success and the FLX-20 delivers! The FLX-20 is designed to exceed all expectations. no matter what depths you fish, no matter what time of day. The ability to see bottom and even fish in thick weeds is possible with a built-in low power mode. The FLX-20's sleek profile lets you see the display from farther away and from the sides and allows more than one angler to watch the display. With two Auto Zoom zone options, one for the zooming in on the bottom six feet and one for the bottom twelve feet, there is nowhere those bottom loving fish can hide. The amazing resolution of the Auto Zoom feature gives you the same display performance as fishing in only six or twelve feet of water, no matter how deep the water is! From the 300 foot max depth range to the night mode for easy viewing in low light conditions, nothing rivals the FLX-20 for superior, multiuse performance, shallow or deep, day or night.


- Model: FLX-20 Flasher with 9° High Speed Transducer
- Display Type: Weatherproof, Super Bright, 3 Color LED (Three Color Palettes)
- Display Face: Flat Screen with Super Wide Viewing with More Than One Angler Can See The Display and From Farther Away or From The Sides
- Resolution: 525 Segments. Target Separation of 1/2" (at 10' Range Setting)
- Target ID: Less than 1/4"
- Split Screen Auto Zoom Settings: 6' and 12' Auto Zoom
- Low Power Mode: Built In
- Night Viewing Mode: Built In
- Interference Rejection: 20 Settings
- Depth Range Settings (Feet): Normal: 20 (Low Power), 10, 20, 30, 40, 80, 100 and Deep Water: 30, 60, 90, 120, 240, 300
- Sonar Longevity: MST(Matching Sonar Technology) Ensures Maximum Sonar Performance and Longevity by Balancing the Transmitter and Receiver to the Transducer Crystal
- Battery Status: Low Battery Alart
- Digital Depth Display: With Optional FL Digital Depth Indicator (DD-100)
- Operating Voltage: 10 1/2 - 15 Volts (12 Volts Nominal)
- Current Draw: 175 mA at 12 Volt
- Battery Life: All FL/FLX Flashers Come with PST (Power Saving Technology) to Increase Running Time on a Single Battery Charge by 30% and Extend the Battery’s Overall Life Expectancy by Three Times
- Power Output: 1000 Watts (Peak to Peak)
- Frequency: 200 kHz
- Transducer/Ice Ducer Options: 12°, 19°, Pro-View and Tri-Beam Compatible
- Dimensions: 4.80” H x 6” W x 2.40” D
- Weight: 1.10 lbs

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