G-Carp Hump Back Hook - Size 8, Bronze, Per 10

by Gamakatsu
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G-Carp Hump Back Hook - Size 8, Bronze, Per 10
Manufacture ID: 348206

Turns automatically in the direction of the lower lip and penetrates quickly. The special 'flat' forged, curved hook shank adds extra strength and resilience. The micro-barb hooks carp extremely fast. Forged for strength and features the innovative Nano Smooth coating for fast penetration. Carp have sensitive sucker-lips. They'll drop a bait the second they feel anything sharp. That is why we've carefully shaped all the new G Carp hooks to hide perfectly concealed within every type of bait.


- Type of Hook: G-Carp
- Size: 8
- Color: Bronze
- Quantity Per Package: 10

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