Internal Swimbait Jighead - Freshwater, 1-2 oz, Unpainted, Package of 2

by Strike King Lures
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Manufacture ID: ISH12-U

Strike King has created the Internal Swimbait Head for you to add inside hollow body soft plastic
swimbaits. This weight includes a large black nickle hook with a 60 eye making it fit perfectly
inside a Shadalicious soft plastic swimbait.

Once the Strike King Internal Swimbait Head is in-place, simply poke the line-tie through the head and the hook through the back. Providing streamlined performance without any external weight exposure, the Strike King Internal Swimbait Heads are a must-have for anglers who like to fish hollow-body swimbaits.


- Water Type: Freshwater
- Color: Unpainted
- Weight: 1/2 oz.
- Pack Quantity: 2

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