Millionaire Classic UTD Casting Reel - 5.1:1 Gear Ratio, 24.50" Retrieve Rate, 9 lb Max Drag, H-MH Action, Left Hand

by Daiwa
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Manufacture ID: M-CUTD250L

A time tested model that has been with Daiwa since the early days, the Millionaire Classic UTD possesses the sportfishing pedigree that warrants a modern interpretation. The updated Carbon Ultimate Tournament Drag can exert 11-pounds of pressure. Combined with the High Strength Alloy Gears, the reel is well suited for the use of today’s heavier-rated braided lines. The Machined Aluminum Spool is stopped instantly and accurately by the immutable Infinite Anti-Reverse. A 3 Bearing System guarantees long casts and endless free spool. The Cut-away 100mm Swept Handle features a comfortable Soft Touch Over-sized Knob. The 5.1: 1 gear ratio Round Profile Baitcasting Reels are available in left and right hand models. With updated technology and modern features the Daiwa Millionaire Classic UTD is a reel that will continue to forge bright memories in the annals of sportfishing lore.


- Carbon Ultimate Tournament Drag (11lb)
- High Strength Alloy Gears
- Machined Aluminum Spool
- Infinite Anti-Reverse
- 3 Bearing System ( 2BB+1RB)
- Cut-Away 100mm Swept Paddle Handle
- Soft Touch Oversized Handle Knob


- Reel Handle Position: Left Hand
- Gear Ratio: 5.1:1
- Bearings: 2BB + 1RB
- Action FW/SW: H/MH
- Line Capacity (lbs Tested/Yards): Mono 12/280 and 14/230
- Retrieve Rate: 24.50"
- Max Drag 9 lbs
- Weight: 10.90 oz

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