Needle Nose Pliers - 8", Rubber True-Grip Handles

by Daiwa
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Manufacture ID: DLTWTNN-8

Developed with the demands of the seasoned fisherman in mind, these tools are well-suited for their important role in landing and releasing gamefish and cutting line both mono and braided. With a choice of 6” and 8” longnose pliers and 6” and 7” cutters, these tools are designed for catches both large and small. Ease of handling is enhanced by designs that are 30% thinner and 30% lighter weight than standard pliers and cutters. The Drilled Handles are Rubber Coated providing True Grip in wet and slippery conditions. The Heat Treated Carbon Steel is hardened to Rockwell “C” grade and Nickel coated for Corrosion Resistance. To insure clean performance, the Cutter’s edge is safeguarded by a Double Tempering Process. Tools designed for professionals and week-enders alike, the Diawa PLIERS and SIDECUTTERS set the standards for sportfishing accessories.


- 30% Thinner and 30% Lighter
- Drilled Handle Arms
- True Grip Rubber Coated Handle
- Heat Treated Carbon Steel
- Rockwell “C” Hardness
- Nickel Finish ( corrosion resistant )
- Double Tempered Process Cutter


- Finish: Nickel
- Hardness: Rockwell "C"
- Size: 8"
- Quantity: 1

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