Nite Dawg Soft LED Disc Red LED Blue-Dachshund

by Nite Ize
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Manufacture ID: NDD2-M1-R3

Made of flexible nylon, this pliable, lightweight, LED powered flying disc is just as easy and fun for you to throw as it is for your dog to catch. Its soft, durable nylon construction is mouth-friendly and extra easy on canine gums and teeth, and it's lightweight flexibility makes running and jumping with it a breeze. Inside the double-stitched housing is a fully protected battery compartment with a canine-resistant cap, plus an on/off switch that activates the red LED-transmitting polymer that illuminates the entire outer rim. Press once for a steady glow and twice for flashing, and enjoy hours of fun under the stars.


- Bright red LED that features both Glow & Flash modes
- Push-button on/flash/off switch
- Dog-safe battery cover
- Battery Run Time: 100 Hours


- Dimensions: 8.13" x 8.13" x 0.68"
- Weight: 2.75 oz.

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