Nova Stove

by Optimus

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Nova Stove
Manufacture ID: 8016276

The award this stove has received weighs more than the stove itself. An award winner many times over and the benchmark for outdoor cooking equipment standards, Optimus Nova has it all - performance, durability and ease of use. Outdoor adventures, including those on polar expeditions, rely on the Optimus Nova to fire up in a snap with its patented quick-priming burner. Users can rest assured knowing that the Optimus Nova will always burn strong and clean thanks to the built in magic magnetic cleaning needle. Its self-purging Flipstop pump makes shutdown a task simple enough for one finger and despite the Optimus Nova's long reach pot supports, it folds up smaller than its fuel tank. That means more room for food. Get cooking!


- Fuel: Optimus Arctic Fuel, White Gas, Kerosene, Diesel, Jet Fuel
- Weight: 460 g (with pump)
- Measurement folded: 140 x 80 x 65 mm
- Rating: 2850 W
- Burn time: Up to 150 minutes at maximum output (using 450 ml fuel)
- Boil time (1 L of water): Down to 3.5 minutes depending on climate, altitude etc.
- Included in package: Includes burner with valve and stuff bag

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