OBDII 12V Memory Saver

by Weego
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OBDII 12V Memory Saver
Manufacture ID: JSOBD

OBDII 12V Memory Saver allows you to disconnect your vehicle’s battery without losing electronic presets including: radio/clock settings, seat positions, alarms, GPS, keyless entry codes, and more. It’s easy to use. Simply attach ODBII 12V Memory Saver to vehicle’s OBDII port, connect other end of Memory Saver cable to 12V/10A output in Weego Jump Starter Battery+, and power on Weego before disconnecting vehicle’s battery.


- Compatible with Weego Jump Starter 44 and the Jump Starter Battery+ Heavy Duty (JS12) and Professional (JS18) models
- More affordable and convenient to use than other types of memory savers
- 4.5' long cable guarantees jump starter stability plus easy access of jump starter connections and power button
- LED light indicates proper connection to vehicles’s ODBII port


- 1 ODBII 12V Memory Saver
- Owner’s Manual with Warranty

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