Octopus Circle Outbarb 1X Strong Hook - Size 4-0, NS Black, Package of 6

by Gamakatsu
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Manufacture ID: 363414

Will Gamakatsu’s Octopus Circle “Outbarb” 1xStrong hook change angling forever? There’s a strong possibility, and for good reason. Traditional hooks place the barb on the inside of the hook bend. With certain techniques, like jigging, chunk baiting, and bottom fishing, if your line becomes limp or goes slack it could get entangled by the hook barb and possibly be nicked or cut. The outbarbdesign eliminates that risk. But there’s more. Tests have proven that when an outbarb is combined with Gamakatsu’s circle hook design, it results in deeper penetration and a higher hook retention rate. Think about it: a barb on the inner side of a hook bend is somewhat protected. A barb on the outside of the hook bend will come into contact with whatever flesh it touches and prevent movement in the opposite direction from which it entered. Consistently, Gamakatsu researchers and prostaffers documented increased retention of hooked species.


- Finish: NS Black
- Hook Size: 4/0
- Quantity: 6 Per/Pack

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