Pro Hunter LED Light - 3314 RGB, Black

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Pro Hunter LED Light - 3314 RGB, Black
Manufacture ID: 3713314

The Pro Hunter RGB features a pair of high-intensity LEDs for long distance, one wide view LED for maximum peripheral vision and one red-green-blue LED that enhances night vision and is stealthier around game animals. The RGB is a bright 40 lumens on the high setting. Black with matte aluminum lens ring. Three AAA alkaline batteries (included). All this, and the RGB is easy on your wallet too.

- Combination long-distance, long run-time flashlights with colored LEDs for maximum stealth, safety and night vision
- All-LED for ultimate reliability
- 100,000 hour LEDs never need replacement
- Ultra-light, ultra-tough polymer construction with rugged aluminum lens ring
- Textured non-slip body for secure grip in wet weather
- O-ring sealed for water-resistance
- Length - 5.1"
- Brightness: 40 lumens
- Effective distance: 25 meters
- 3 AAA Batteries included
- Battery Life: 5mm white: 30h wide beam LED: 40 hours

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