Protean Multi Colored Clip On LED Light (Clam)

by Gerber Blades
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Protean Multi Colored Clip On LED Light (Clam)
Manufacture ID: 22-80109

This versatile, compact light features white, red, blue, green, and infra red L.E.D. outputs. Use the dial to go directly to the one you want without toggling. An attachment includes a clip, magnet, and Hoop and Loop Fastener for hands-free use. Powered by two 2016 lithium batteries. Gerber's lighting specification chart will help you pick the Gerber light that is best for your needs.


- Light Source Type: L.E.D.
- Output Color: white, red, blue, green,
- Infrared Housing Color: Gray
- Housing Material: Plastic
- Battery Type: 2016 coin cell Battery
- Quantity: 2

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