RailTape Switch Dual Plugs, Int XM-XT Tclp

by Surefire
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Manufacture ID: DS-SR07-D-IT

Have remote momentary-on activation, either separately or simultaneously, for two weapon-mounted illumination tools with the Remote Dual Switch for Weaponlight + ATPIAL Laser Device from Surefire. Each component, light, or laser has its own cable to connect the device to the pressure pads at the heart of the system. Touching one, or both, will activate each device until pressure is removed letting you tailor your needs to the situation at hand. Rain is not an issue as both the plugs and the switches themselves are weather-resistant. A single clamp easily attaches directly to your firearm's Picatinny rail forend, with a 7" cable to reach your light and laser.


- Momentary-On Switches
- Weatherproof Plugs / Switches
- 7" Cable
- For Picatinny Rails


- Compatibility:
Millennium Universal
Classic Universal
Scout Light with socketed tailcap
X200, X300, and X400 lights fitted with an XT tailcap

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