Reactor TL Tactical Lght for Shield with ECR-Holster

by Viridian Green Lasers
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Reactor TL Tactical Lght for Shield with ECR/Holster
Manufacture ID: RTL-Shield

Exclusive Radiance technology illuminates over twice the horizontal area of conventional lights for faster discovery, smoother tracking and decisive targeting. Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) ignites your tactical light instantly upon draw. The included custom pocket holster keeps your advantage hidden and ready.


- Activation: Automatic activation with ECR
- Construction: High strength thermomolded polymer
- Battery Life: 30 minutes constant 50 minutes strobe
- Light Output: 100 lumens constant 140 lumens strobe
- Charge Display: 3-color battery level indicator full, partial, replace
- Weight: .78 oz. (Including Batteries)

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