Set of 4 Non Stick Jerky Racks

by Bradley Technologies
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Make your Bradley Smokers even more versatile with this set of four jerky cooking racks. The Teflon coating and smaller mesh openings of these racks give you the ability to smoke beef jerky, oysters, almonds, and anything else that might slip through the spaces of a standard size rack. Compatible with all Bradley Smokers. The ability to smoke, cold smoke or roast any meat to perfection is what sets these digital smokers apart from all others.


- Teflon coating and smaller mesh openings allow you to cook smaller items
- Ideal for smoking beef jerky, oysters, almonds, vegetables, and sausages
- Set includes four racks
- Compatible with all models
- Invert jerky racks for twice the cooking area.
- Teflon-coated, cleans up in a breeze.
- Bradley jerky racks double your cooking surface


- For use with the Bradley Smoker
- Dimensions: 15" x 11.9" x 1"
- Quantity: 4 Per/Pack

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