Shrimp Hybrid Bait - Saltwater, 4", #4-#2 Hook, Variable Depth, Black Tiger

by LiveTarget Lures
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Manufacture ID: SSH100SK922

The Hybrid Shrimp is a natural compliment to the Shrimp family. This bait earned its name by merging a hardlure with soft-lure attributes built into a single design.

The Hybrid shrimp generates additional swimming action through the soft legs that wiggle and vibrate on the retrieve. Ideally used with a super slow retrieve and horizontal drop pattern, this bait will become a go-to lure for all in-shore species. A custom belly hook features a unique dual-prong shank that is designed to minimize snags on grass and shell-beds. Packaged individually.


- Type of Water: Saltwater
- Size: 4"
- Hook Size: #4,#2
- Style: Sinking
- Depth: Variable
- Weight: 1/2 oz.
- Color: Black Tiger
- Quantity: Per 1

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