Stoke Kit

by Ultimate Survival Technologies
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Stoke Kit
Manufacture ID: 20-02031-02

The Stoke Kit is a lightweight and convenient resource for starting a fire during an emergency or survival situation. The Stoke Kit is a great back up to include in your emergency pack or bug-out bag.


- Micro SparkWheel – Flint-based fire starter made of durable, high-quality brass
- (2) Light-Me Tinder Pieces – For best results, tear or cut the tinder piece apart to expose the fine fibers
- B.A.S.E. Case 1.0 – Anodized aluminum capsule with a screw-top cap and O-ring seal that keeps contents safe and dry until ready to use
- Includes three replacement flints


- Size: 3" H x 1" W
- Weight: 1.3 oz.
- Color: Orange

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