Stryker Wireless Handheld - HID,Black

by GoLight
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Stryker Wireless Handheld - HID,Black
Manufacture ID: 30511

GoLight Stryker H.I.D. with Wireless Hand-Held Remote, Black


- 1 Mile Effective Beam Distance
- Wireless Remote Controlled Operation
- 370° Rotation x 135° Tilt
- Retrofits Available
- Quick Start Up Time
- Integrated 12V DC High-Torque Motors
- Weatherproof for Land and Sea Applications
- Waterproof Remote Transmitters
- R.F. Programmable Super Heterodyne Receiver
- Exclusive Wireless Dash-Mount Remote Option
— Eliminates the Need for Running a Wiring Harness!
- Innovative Mounting Plate with Clamping Interphase
— Saves Time with a Simple, Two-Step Installation

Also Includes:

- Stainless Steel Mounting System

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