Switch Box (1 Unit & 2 Transducers)

by Vexilar Inc.
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Switch Box (1 Unit & 2 Transducers)
Manufacture ID: SB-100

Switch boxes allow for expansion to a standard single unit / single transducer setup. With a switch box, you can switch between two different transducers or between two different depth finders.

For example, you could have two transducers, one in each ice fishing hole, and switch back and forth to see the activity below each hole.

On the open water, you could switch between a bow and transom transducer. These are just some of the most common uses. The sky is the limit.


- Tough metal switch for long life and ability to take abuse
- Rubber booted toggle switch for all weather use
- Quality enclosure for maximum durability
- Compatible with all Vexilar Depth Sounders
- Hand built in the USA

3 Foot Cable

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