Terrova 80 Trolling Motor - US2, 60" Shaft Length, 80 lbs Thrust, 24 Volts with Bluetooth

by Minn Kota

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Terrova 80 Trolling Motor - US2, 60" Shaft Length, 80 lbs Thrust, 24 Volts with Bluetooth
Manufacture ID: 1358899

Minn Kota TERROVA 80 LB 60" US2


- Lift-Assist Design: Terrova's Lift-Assist Design takes the work out of stowing, making it effortless every single time, so you can raise the motor by barely lifting a finger.
- Stow/Deploy Lever: Terrova's Stow/Deploy lever has been redesigned to allow for one-step stow or deploy - making it even easier to use. Just push down with your hand or foot when you're ready to move.
- Terrova Foot Pedal with Spot-Lock Button: Whether you steer heel/toe or right/left, Terrova's electric-steer, waterproof, low-profile foot pedal has you covered. Responsive, precise control from anywhere on the boat with less than one degree of steering resolution. Plus, the Spot-Lock button lets you hold onto your fishing spot directly from the foot pedal (i-Pilot / i-Pilot Link models only). Never requires batteries. Includes 18 foot cord.
- Quieter Steering Motor: Terrova has been completely redesigned and engineered to run quieter than ever before. So fish won’t be spooked...but you might be.
- Push-to-Test Battery Meter: Terrova's Push-to-Test Battery Meter gives you an instant “state of charge” reading at the push of a button, so you can see just how much longer you have on the water.
- Weedless Wedge 2 Prop: Push weeds away and take on the thick stuff without battery-draining chopping and hacking. Weedless Wedge 2 features swept-back, flared blades for unrelenting, reliable prop performance.
- Advantage Minn Kota: Indestructible Composite Shaft: Pound for pound, the composite shaft is stronger than steel. It flexes on impact and won’t break, kink or corrode.
- Cool, Quiet, Power: Nothing runs cooler or quieter than a Minn Kota. The extra large windings and commutators dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power, and longer motor life. And the unique bearing system reduces friction to cut fish-spooking noise.


- Control: Terrova Foot Pedal
- Volts: 24
- Max Thrust: 80 lbs.
- Shaft Length: 60"
- Universal Sonar 2
- Speed Control: Variable
- AutoPilot: Yes
- Max. Amp Draw: 56
- Prop: Weedless Wedge 2 (MKP-33)

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