TGW Drop Shot Hook - Size 1, Matte Charcoal, Per 6

by Gamakatsu
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TGW Drop Shot Hook - Size 1, Matte Charcoal, Per 6
Manufacture ID: 338210

Aaron Marten developed the G-Finesse drop shot hook. As Marten says, it's "improved my hook-ups by 30 to 40%...I rarely miss a fish with these hooks." The G-Finesse drop shot hook features a point that's slightly angled out for optimum effectiveness along with Gamakatsu's exclusive TGWs(Tournament Grade Wire) that has 20% less diameter for easier hook penetration without any loss of hook strength. The G-Finesse drop Shot hook also features Gamakatsu's proprietary nano smooth coat, a finish that's slick with less resistance than conventional hooks. Nano smooth coat further enhances hook penetration making this hook the very best Drop Shot hook available.


- Type of Hook: G Finesse
- Size: 1
- Color: Matte Charcoal
- Quantity Per Package: 6

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