Threadfin Shad Squarebill - Freshwater, 3 1-2", #1-0 Hook, 5'-6' Depth, Metallic Citrus Shad

by LiveTarget Lures
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Manufacture ID: TBB85S823

Magnum series. Replicates several adult Shad chased into a compact baitball cluster. Ideal when Shad are shallow and use rock and wood as cover. Excellent deflection properties. High impact resistant Polycarbonate lip. Silent. Available in a range of color patterns for varying water clarity.


- Type Of Water: Freshwater
- Size: 3 1/2"
- Hook Size: #1/0
- Style: Shallow Dive
- Depth: 5' - 6'
- Weight: 7/8 oz
- Color: Metallic Citrus Shad

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