Tick Nipper

by Adventure Medical

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Tick Nipper
Manufacture ID: 0155-0661

Ticks pose a serious health risk to our families and pets. Anyone who spends time outdoors can suddenly find a tick on themselves or their pet. The Tick Nipper is the easiest and safest way to remove ticks fast. Better than tweezers or other tick removers. So small it fits easily in your pocket so have it handy whenever you may need it. The jaws slide underneath the tick without squeezing it. A tiny gap between the jaws lets you yoke the tick without cutting it as you pull it out. Bowl-shaped jaws cradle the tick during and after removal. Includes magnifying lens to confirm removal.


- Safe, easy, and fast removal of ticks
- You'll never touch the tick!
- Small size, travels with you in a pocket


- Size: 4 long

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