Shakespeare USYTHSC6CBO US 6sz SC 5'6" 2 Piece Medium

by Shakespeare
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USYTHSC6CBO US 6sz SC 5'6" 2 Piece Medium
Manufacture ID: 1293161

Ugly StikGX2 Youth Spincast combo is the perfect choice for youth anglers. Includes the same great features as the men's and ladies' rods providing the Ugly Stik toughness with a modern look that makes it their own.


- Ugly StikGX2 5'6" 2 piece medium action casting rod
- EVA split grip design for lighter weight and smaller hands
- 6 size spincast reel pre-spooled with 6 lb. line
- Polished stainless steel front cone with metal gears for increased durability


- Mono Capacity (yd./lb.): 145/4, 90/6 and 70/8
- Rod Power: Medium
- Rod Length: 5'6"
- Number of Pieces: 2
- Technique: Spinning
- Line Rating: 6-12
- Reel Handle Position: Right

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