VTAC Light Mount - OD Green

by Troy Industries
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VTAC Light Mount - OD Green
Manufacture ID: VTAC-MK4-GRN

The Viking Tactics Light Mount was designed to give the shooter a lightweight, versatile option to mount a light on any Picatinny or Weaver rail system. The improved Viking Tactics Light Mount allows mounting with a .80 or 1 diameter and fits the VTAC-L4, SurefireTM G2 Nitrolon Executive Series and many others. The Viking Tactics Light Mount is made of a Modified Acrylic PVC Alloy Thermoplastic with high impact and abrasion resistant qualities. Impervious to most chemicals, solvents and oils, these highly advanced thermoplastics will not shrink and are proved to withstand the harshest environments. The Viking Tactics Light Mount also provides you a variety of mounting preferences. You can mount your light so that it is out of your field of view and activated by using a tape switch. You also may mount the light in such a manner allowing you to use the push button on the back of the light for activation.

Color: Olive Drab Green

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